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Altiplanico Hotel in Easter Island Chile
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VC179 Hotel Altiplánico Rapa Nui - Easter Island Chile
Altiplánico Rapa Nui, A World Heritage site, Easter Island is not only a place of surreal natural beauty but also a guardian of the mysteries of the Rapanui people, who continue to fascinate the world with its silent but majestic stone Moais. This isolated volcanic island in its oceanic setting combines the beauty of the landscape and its archeological enigmas that fuse together in a captivating and mysterious communion.
Our concept is to offer maximum hospitality under the idea of hotels as a home, in parallel with respect for nature; architecture submits itself to nature and merges with it. To achieve this, our hotels have an excellent interior design and quality, beauty is considered the main luxury so we favor the honest, the simple, and the pure. This, combined with personalized attention, gives the visitor the feeling of being in a beautiful and efficient home.
To welcome nature into our hotels we have worked in rescuing the roots of each place that emphasize respect for the environment, many of the ancestral traditions are based in the communion with the natural world. This also contributes to place the visitor in the natural and ancestral setting of each destination allowing the differentiation of the guests experience with each unique culture.
Package Tours Altiplanico Rapanui Hotel include:
Transfer from the airport to the Hotel.
Nights at the Altiplanico Rapanui Hotel with breakfast
Full day Excursion to the Anakena Beach with box lunch
Half day Excursion Orongo Volcano with entrance
Transfer from the Hotel to the airport
VC179 Altiplánico Rapa Nui Hotel - Easter Island
Season until April 30th. 2019
Price per person
Days / Nights
Altiplánico Hotel
03 Days / 02 Nights
Transfers + 1 Full day Excursion
USD 789
USD 499
USD 442
Altiplánico Hotel
04 Days / 03 Nights
Transfers + 1 Full day Excursion + 2 Half Days Excursion
USD 1.188
USD 758
USD 664
Altiplánico Hotel
05 Days / 04 Nights

Transfers + 1 Full day Excursion + 2 Half Days Excursion
USD 1.514
USD 936
USD 818
Reservas & Consultas
• Children under the age of three complimentary when sharing room with their parents.
• Rates are:
per person expressed in US dollars and subject to change without prior notice.

To Book
Please write directly to
Rooms are independent units, linked by exterior corridors of stone, sand, or grass, each has a private terrace. Internal distribution is simple, privileging view and opening to the outside. With the goal of making the room more private, they were surrounded by manavais of different heights diameters planted with vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees. The bathroom shower opens to the exterior to feel nearer to nature given the climate is very warm. Decoration is simple but careful; each is different to personalize the experience. All are spacious and comfortable opening to the view of the sea. The objective was to encourage visitors to live in more outdoors, enjoy the view and the landscape and thus feel Easter Island’s unique energy.

The hotel has sixteen spacious and elegant, double, and triple rooms that adapt to the particular style of the Altiplánico hotels. Following our line of boutique hotels coupled with nature, in this in particular we wished to emphasize the concept that combines personalized first rate service, privacy and the feeling of Rapanui life. It is located in a property of 15000 square meter park, overlooking the sea and at 10 minutes walk from Hanga Roa.
It has, moreover, outdoor swimming pool, extensive gardens, free internet, free parking, laundry service, safes and gourmet cuisine.
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