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Cabins in Puerto Varas - Chile
The cabins in Puerto Varas are located in the Lakes district, by the shore of Lake Llanquihue, within the district of Puerto Varas. It's a strategic location from a touristic point of view, since it gives the traveler multiple options for excursions and entertainment within an exceptional landscape by four volcanoes, four lakes, and just 40 km from the ocean.
Cabañas Trapananda
Camino Ensenada km 12
Puerto Varas
Cabañas Trapananda, Located about 12 kilometers from the town of Puerto Varas, and directly on the waterfront of Lago Llanquihue, Cabañas Trapananda provides an excellent alternative for small groups of independent anglers traveling in Chile.
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Cabañas los Alerces
Av. V. Pérez Rosales 1281
Puerto Varas
Short Description: Located on the lakes side of Puerto Varas and has 10 cabins fully furnished with up to 6 people each Cabin

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Cabañas Altue
Vicente Pérez Rosales 1679
Puerto Varas - Chile
Cabañas Altue - Puerto Varas
Short Descripción:
In the most beautiful and confortable cabins in Puerto Varas, with a unique view of the Llanquihue Lake, in a magical and natural environment, Cabañas Altue is waiting for you during all year, with the necessary comfort to give you a perfect stay.

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Cabañas Bahia Celeste
Camino Ensenada, km 21
Puerto Varas - Chile
Cabañas Bahia Celeste, In the middle of beautiful places.
Cascadas, Volcán Osorno, Petrohué, Lago de Todos Los Santos, Peulla, Bariloche, Ralún, Rio Puelo, Puerto Montt, Carretera Austral.
* 1st class cabins
* Daily maid service
* Calef. in each room
* Beach (130 meters)
* Gardens and eucaliptus in arrayanes wood
* Cabins for 2, 4, 5 and 6 peoples
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Cabañas Rucamalen
Camino Ensenada Km 36
Puerto Varas - Chile
Perfect point to enjoy the Osorno Volcano and National Park Vicente Perez Rosales, and an excellent fly fishing or sailing.
On the road surrounded by Arrayanes, we will reach this small paradise located facing the majestic Arenal Volcano and the Llanquihue Lake, where you can enjoy a private beach, heated pool, marina, stove and coffee shop.

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