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Visiting the Lake District from Puerto Varas
If you are visiting the Lake District in Chile, Chiloe Island, Frutillar, Petrohue. Peulla, Puerto Montt, Puerto Octay, Puyehue and Puerto Varas and wish to spend your time discovering the best excursion and attractions, please feel free to contact Us our directly to
VC1301 City Tours Puerto Montt & Puerto Varas
Departures: Daily
From Puerto Montt: 
13:30 hrs.
From Puerto Varas: 
14:15 hrs.
03 hours
We will begin our tour in one of the prettiest cities of the Lakes Region, located on the shore of Llanquihue Lake, also known as the "City of Roses"; In Puerto Varas we are surrounded by an environment in which German traditions and Chilean culture go hand in hand, with architecture in wood, beautiful gardens, good food, and handicrafts standing out. During our journey through this city we will visit the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Church, the downtown area, and the costanera avenue. We will leave Puerto Varas to visit Puerto Montt, the Region's capital, where most fishing and entrepreneurial activities are centered. As we go through the city, located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, we will have a panoramic view of its bay and the Tenglo Island. In Puerto Montt there are different tourist attractions that enhance its beauty, such as the downtown area with the Cathedral and the seafood market, a colorful place where one can see the daily activities of fishermen and the handicrafts market of Angelmó, which contains a variety of products made of copper, wool, wood and lapislazuli.

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VC1303 Excursion Frutillar
Frutillar Chile
Departures: Daily
From Puerto Montt: 
08:00 hrs.
From Puerto Varas: 
08:45 hrs.
Half day
To get to Frutillar we will travel along Llanquihue Lake western shore. On our journey we will go through the small industrial city of Llanquihue and will take a rural road used by local farmers involved in farming and cattle raising activities. During our excursion we will see some old German manors that are used as lodges. As we get to Frutillar we can feel a different atmosphere in which there is a mixture of quiet life, cheerful gardens, colorful houses, tea houses, and its great German Colonial Museum which shows the history of german settlement in the region.
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VC1312 Excursión Peulla
Departures: Daily
From Puerto Montt: 
07:45 hrs.
From Puerto Varas: 
08:30 hrs.
From Petrohué: 
10:30 hrs.
10 horas aprox.
You cannot leave the region before sailing through the wonderful Todos los Santos Lake, visiting the world famous Petrohué River Falls, and knowing Peulla, a small ecological town with 120 inhabitants that is part of the famous Cruce Andino® tourist circuit. After visiting the Petrohué River Falls we will sail through Todos los Santos Lake for about two hours, watching the Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanos. In Peulla you cannot miss the opportunity of participating in some of the adventure tourism excursions like canopy, horseback rides, fishing, jet boat, and 4x4 safari tours that are offered in this natural paradise.
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VC1306 Tour Osorno Volcano and Petrohué
Volcan Osorno
Departures: Daily
From Puerto Montt: 
09:00 hrs.
From Puerto Varas: 
09:45 hrs.
Full day
A glacier lake and an active volcano are two things you just cannot miss. We will start our trip boarding the South shore of Llanquihue Lake. You will be able to learn more about the german colonization and the agriculture of the South of Chile. Once inside the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, we will stop to visit the worldwide well known, Petrohué River Falls, and its delightful turquoise color. We will proceed then till reaching Todos los Santos Lake where Petrohué River comes from and visit its volcanic beach. Afterwards we will drive towards the base of Osorno Volcano and stop for lunch in Ensenada Village to continue later to Osorno Volcano Ski Center. On the way there, you will enjoy views of the Valley of Petrohué River and Llanquihue Lake.

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VC1309 Excursión Castro - Chiloe Island
Departures: Daily
From Puerto Varas: 08:00 AM
10 hours
Join us to enjoy this full day tour, which will allow us to visit the northern part of Chiloé Island. After a 30 minutes ferry ride, watching a wide variety of birds and sea lions, we will get to the little village of Chacao to visit the Main Square and the church. We will go on to Dalcahue, where we will stop during 1 hour at the town's waterfront to have a walk and to visit the Handycraft Market, museum and church. We continue to Castro city through Llao-Llau coastal road. Time for lunch. We head on to visit the Gamboa river stilt houses, the main square and its church. Afterwards, we continue to a little village known as Nercón to visit the last church of our journey. Back into Ancud city we visit the "Friends of Chiloé Churches Foundation", main square and through the pier street we get to the San Antonio Fort to know the history, traditions and legends of this mythological island. .

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VC1310 Excursion Ancud Magellan and Humboldt Penguins Puñihuil ( Chiloe Island)
Chiloe Pinguinos en Puñihuil
Departures: Daily
From Puerto Montt: 
08:45 AM
From Puerto Varas: 
08:00 AM
full day
Full day excursion from the hotel to the famous Chiloe Island. We will sail to some small islands in the Pacific Ocean, on the coast of Chiloé Island, to visit a colony of 5,000 Humbolt and Magellanic penguins. This is the only place in the Pacific where these species are found, as they migrate in the summer season. We travel on round the large island, passing by Mar Brava, a wide, isolated beach where you’ll see the ocean in all its splendor. We continue to Caulin, a small fishing bay, where you will be able to observe the wide variety of bird life and the colorful houses which make this place unique.

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VC1311 Sailing at the captain Haase Llanquihue Lake
Horarios de Zarpe:
2 Horas
Valores por persona:

(cóctel y bar abierto incluido).
Disfruta de nuestra música, bar y gastronomía a bordo.
No olvides ir con zapatillas, ropa cómoda y abrigada.
Vive la experiencia de navegar como lo hicieron en el siglo XIX los antiguos colonos alemanes.

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