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VC157 Trip to Easter Island at the Hanga Roa Hotel
Hanga Roa Hotel, is located in an unbeatable position. Situated on the ocean front at one of the extreme ends of the Hanga Roa Bay, it is the ideal spot from which to enjoy the island, offering excellent views, services and access to amenities.
Isla de Pascua Chile
Hotel Hanga Roa Isla de Pascua
Hotel Hangaroa habitacion
VC157 Hanga Roa Hotel Easter Island include:
Transfer between Mataveri airport to the Hotel
03 Nights Accommodation at the Hanga Roa Hotel
Breakfast at the Poerava restaurant
Access to the swimming pool
Full day excursion, Playa Anakena with picnic
Two half day excursions Ahu Akivi (7 Moai) & Orongo
Transfer from the Hotel to the Airport
**National Park entrance fee Doesn't Include**
VC 157 Itinerary
Day 01 Santiago – Easter  Island
Reception with a necklace of flowers and transfer to the Hanga Roa Hotel
Accommodation at the Hanga Roa Hotel.

Day 02 Easter  Island
Breakfast.  We are out all day visiting different archeological sites on Vahiha Island; Akahanga; Rano Raraku; Ahi Tongariki, Te Pito Kura; Ahu Nau Nau, with a picnic lunch at Anekena beach. 
Accommodation at the Hanga Roa Hotel.

Day 03 Easter  Island
Breakfast. Half day morning visit to Volcano Rano Kau; the city and sacred ceremonial temple of Orango; the area of Vinapu, with its interesting murals; the Anaka Tai Tangata Cave, famous for its ancient paintings.  In the afternoon, a visit to Ahu Akion (7 moai/totems) and the Ana Tepahu caverns and Puna Pau Quarry.
Accommodation at the Hanga Roa Hotel.

Day 04 Easter  Island – Santiago
Brerakfast.  Transfer to airport and farewell with a another necklace.
End of our services.
VC157 Easter Island at the HANGA ROA Hotel
Habitación Kainga
USD 2.420
USD 1.588
Ma'unga Suites
USD 2.484
USD 1.978
Reservas & Consultas
Rate are:
Per person
US Dollars

Until March 2017
Except Christmas and New Year
Any doubts or request please contact directly to:


TE PITO O TE HENUA o MATA KI TE RANGI was the name that the ancient Rapa Nui gave their island. In this extreme point in the oceans, one of the most remote inhabited places of any continent, its people gave life to a unique culture and defended to the point of death the values of their native territory, its KAINGA..
The philosophy of Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is based on the concept of KAINGA, that carries a deep respect for the motherland of Rapa Nui, that physically and spiritually nourishes the world that connects to it. This respect towards their natural and cultural resources compels us to contributer to its preservation and development for future generations of Rapa Nui natives.
We are an integrated tourism project based on sustainability and endurance over time, both from the ecological, the cultural and human point of view. Every detail of architectural design and the warmth of our service personnel invite guests to be part of an adventure in which to know, admire, care for and preserve,
All rooms are built with noble and natural materials like cypress logs, clay and volcanic rock, offering our guests a dip in the Rapa Nui habitat, inspired by "the cave" offering curved spaces, islander style. All are equipped with the latest technology that controls the water and electricity consumption, air temperature and, minimize noise and electromagnetic fields.
Does not include:
Airlines ticket

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