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Trip to Chile
Welcome to the web site
We work throughout the best tours Visiting Chile and Argentina
We would like to present you with our various interesting and exciting tours, which will give you a complete picture of Chile. From San Pedro de Atacama, Easter Island, lakes crossing, Paine Towers, Glaciers and dessert and much more.
For all these destinations we have selected for you a list of the best hotels of Chile and Argentina, restaurants, tourist programs, ski centers, and cruises of the Glaciers Patagonia.
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Destinos para Visitar Chile y Argentina
San Pedro de Atacama
The attraction of the Chilean North is San Pedro de Atacama, from where you can visit the Tatio Geysers, some Andean lagoons and the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley). Visit the beautiful landscape of Toconao and the Atacama Salt Flat where the elegant flamingos reside. Or explore the more historical aspect by visiting the Gustavo La Paige Archeological Museum.
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San Pedro de Atacama - Chile

Isla de Pascua
Easter Island, known in Chile as Easter Island, is a perfect triangle-shaped island which lies in the midst of the Pacific Ocean about 2,000 air miles west of Santiago, Chile's capital city, and is a fascinating outdoor museum of a mysterious ancient people. We invite you to visit with our packages.
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Easter Island

Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile, The fertile Central Valley nestled between the Andes and the Coastal Range is Chile's orchard and breadbasket, while greater Santiago - home to over 6 million people, a third of the country's total population- is by far the economic and cultural heart of the nation. Chile's world-renowned wine region is also in the middle of the Central Valley. We have packages to visit Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso and more.
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Región de Los Lagos & Volcanes
Travel packages for Chiloe Island, the Lake District and Volcano, Pucon, Frutillar, Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt, Petrohue, Villarrica Lake and the volcanos. Vacation and holiday in Chilean National Parks. Volcanic cataclysms, glacial sculptures, torrential rivers and massive temperate rainforests, this is very much a landscape in flux, modeling and remodeling itself before our eyes.
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Torres del Paine
Patagonia, is the stage for some of the world's greatest adventures. Even if we know little of the place, its very name evokes the wild natural beauty and unknown frontiers of the end of the earth. Torres del Paine National Park and World Biosphere Reserve is the most famous of the vast protected areas in the Magallanes Region. Punta Arenas, Perito Moreno Glacier, Ushuaia.
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Visita Argentina
Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, is a friendly, merry and cosmopolitan city, catalogued as one of the most economical cities in the world. We offer tourism and lodging packages in Buenos Aires. Tours to visit the Iguazu Falls and Puerto Madryn also start here. Or you can continue on to Bariloche.
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