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Easter Island, one thousand years ago Ariki (King) HOTU MATUA crossed the ocean from Hiva (probably the Marquesas Islands) and settled in a new land he called "The navel of the world".Standing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean some 3.700 kms away from continental Chile, Easter Island or Rapa Nui is the world's most insular island.It is just 166km2 in size and is highest point stands a mere 509m above sea level. Easter Island ,home of the most advanced culture in all of Polynesia,is rightly considered to be the world´s largest open air archaelogical museum. Rapa Nui welcome you with year-round subtropical temperatures ranging from 18º to 27º C , warm waters , and sandy, unspoiled beaches termed "paradisiacal" by visitors.

How to arrive?
LATAM flies to Easter Island, with flights operating between Santiago of Chile and Papeete,Tahiti.
Airfare from Santiago,Chile to Easter Island.
Please ask directly to because we can help with a cheaper fare to the Island.

Fly from Santiago, travelers must take a 5-hour flight to Easter Island. You can also arrive to Easter Island flying from Tahiti (Papeete). The flight takes 5 hours.
We can customize your itineraries, so you’ll maximize your time in this amazing area.
Accommodation in Easter Island:
Hotels on Easter Island are not deluxe, but they are more than adequate.

The entrance fee to the Rapa Nui National Park
You have to pay it directly. Per person U$ 80 or  CLP $ 54,000 pesos for all non-Chilean visitors.  
There is a wooden National Park booth before the Arrivals hall of the airport where you buy the ticket, valid for maximum staying 10 days. Is possible to pay it by credit card, US dollars or Chilean Pesos.


Easter Island is in the temperate zone, at 27° 9' south latitude. Thus it is out of the tropics, so do not expect to find the kind of climate one normally associates with Pacific islands such as Tahiti. While it rarely gets any hotter than 85°F [29.4°C], it can feel very muggy and uncomfortable in the austral Summer (December-March). Winters are mild, with a low of around 57°F [13.8°C], but it can feel a lot colder than that with the wind-chill factored in. The wind blows constantly, sometimes from several directions at once. This tends to keep the temperature fairly cool. The visitor to the island is advised to take along a windbreaker, sweater, sweatshirt, and a hat with chin straps to keep it from blowing off. Hiking boots are recommended. The island is very rocky and once off the designated roads or paths, it can be rough walking.
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