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PERU: Land of the Incas

Peru has much to offer, the diversity of its landscape begins in the desert of the coast, sprinkled by beautiful valleys and excellent beaches, to the spectacular mountain range of the Andes, with its huge variety of ecosystems and colonial legacy. All these exciting treasures, in addition to the famous Peruvian hospitality will enable you to live an unforgettable experience in “The Land of the Incas”.
When you travel to Peru, interested in its archaeology, a great place to start is the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History, located in the colorful Plaza Bolivar in the district of Pueblo Libre. It will orient you to the wealth of Peru's fascinating archeological past, while artfully displaying the variety of its skillfully crafted jewelry, ceramics and textiles. Just outside the museum, you can also enjoy some of Lima's finest colonial architecture and any one of a number of delightful local restaurants.
Peru’s geography is among the most dramatic and awe-inspiring on earth. Having three distinct regions - the coastal plains, the Andean highlands, and the Amazon jungle - it is as varied as it is spectacular.
The dry coastal plains are home to most of Peru’s archaeological sites, including the Nazca lines in the south and the tomb of the Lord of Sipán in the north.
Peru’s varied highlands include the snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, the lush high jungle regions near Machu Picchu and elsewhere, and the extraordinary altiplano (high plains) between Cuzco and Lake Titicaca.
Peru’s vast jungle region, covering over half the country’s total land surface, is home to a biodiversity matched in few places on earth and eco-tourism at its best.
How to put together all those fantastic destinations? … Here, our suggestion of the best itineraries from 3 to 20 days

VC650 Lima
Duration: 02 Days / 01 Night
Departures: Daily
Una parada obligada que puede ofrecer muchas cosas más…
Hay una Lima que no cambia, que a pesar del tiempo vive elegante y señorial. Descubra el legado colonial de aquella Lima gobernada de virreyes que llega hasta nuestro tiempo para hablarnos de un pasado glorioso. MUn rosario de museos que custodian una rica herencia y bien surtidas tiendas de artesanías.
Lo invitamos a disfrutar de una Lima diferente, que no olvidará.
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LIMA - 2 Noches
Duration: 03 Days / 02 Nights
Departures: Daily
Dozens of Lima's colonial churches are gems of Ibero-American architecture, such us San Francisco, founded in 1535, and La Merced, whose earliest construction pre-dates the founding of Lima. Modern Lima is a mix of architectural styles and beautiful gardens, especially Miraflores and San Isidro, popular commercial districts with excellent shops, art galleries and restaurants. Barranco, home to Lima's best known artists and writers, is filled with bars and night clubs.
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VC652 Cusco, Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu
VC652 Cusco, Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu
Duration: 04 Days / 03 Nights
Departures: Daily
Upon seeing Machu Picchu for the first time, an astounded Hiram Bingham gasped: How will anyone believe what I've found? Sacred center of the Andean culture, main city of the Spanish Colony. Cusco is the result of the Inca and European encounter. Considered one of the architectural gems of the world, here you will find a living past, history captured amidst its walls, temples, and even people. The Incas venerated Cusco as the "navel of the universe", building from here the trails that united their vast Empire.
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VC653 Lima, Cusco, Valle Sagrado & Machu Picchu
Duración: 05 Días / 04 Noches
Salidas: Diarias

A una distancia de 120 km (75 millas) del Cusco, en el valle del río Urubamba, se eleva Machu Picchu, a una altitud de 2.400 m (7.900 p) s.n.m., entre el Huayna Picchu (montaña joven) y Machu Picchu (montaña vieja). Se extiende dentro de un espectacular sistema provisto de la exhuberante vegetación de la selva cercana y del paisaje escarpado.
Se cree que Machu Picchu, la Ciudad Perdida de los Incas, uno de los ejemplos más famosos de la arquitectura Inca, fue construida a mediados del siglo XV por el Inca Pachacútec. Perdida en la historia, no fue descubierta hasta 1911 por el explorador estadounidense Hiram Bingham.
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Programs for visiting
Peru - Chile - Argentina

02 Días / 01 Noche
  VC651 Lima Colonial & Contemporánea
03 Días / 02 Noches
  VC652 Cusco, Valle Sagrado & Machu Picchu
04 Días / 03 Noches
  VC653 Lima, Cusco, Valle Sagrado & Machu Picchu
05 Días / 04 Noches
  VC654 Lima, Cusco, Valle Sagrado & Machu Picchu, Lima
08 Días / 07Noches
  VC655 Lima, Cusco, Valle Sagrado, Machu Picchu, Puno & Lago Titicaca
08 Días / 07Noches
  VC656 Lima, Cusco, Valle Sagrado & Machu Picchu
05 Días / 04 Noches
  VC657 Lima, Cusco, Valle Sagrado & Machu Picchu - Santiago de Chile e Isla de Pascua
05 Días / 04 Noches
  Hoteles en Cusco  
  Hoteles en Valle Sagrado  
  Hoteles en Machu Picchu  
  Hoteles en Arequipa  

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