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Portillo Ski Resort - Chile
Portillo is 100 miles from Santiago of Chile or approximately 2 hours, on a really beautiful road, clear and safe. The Ski experiences and the Portillo hotel are unique. We offer one large hotel, with a variety of rooms, Octagon Lodge and Inca Lodge. There is no nearby town which means that Portillo is self-sufficient, such as a cruise that sails high in the Andes, with major activities such as skiing and snowboarding are far from being the only attractions of Portillo. Portillo is not just a place for skiing, socializing and relaxing, is also a place where you can experience great fun and tranquility, all framed by a majestic landscape.
Hotel Portillo
Los Andes road
Hotel Portillo Chile

The Portillo ski resort in Chile is world renowned. It was put on the map in 1966 when it became the first South American resort to host the World Skiing Championships. The notoriety further increased when the 200km per hour speed barrier was broken in 1978 at Portillo. The ski resort continues to be famous amongst expert skiers who visit Portillo for the amazingly steep slopes.
All prices are per person, per week, based from Saturday to Saturday
* 7 nights accommodation.
* 7 days Ski lifts unlimited access.
* Four meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner).
* Free access to the pool, jacuzzi, weight room, gym, aerobic classes and Yoga, cinema, game room, activities for children, youth and adults, nightclub, piano bar, ski and boots.
* Child Care from 3 to 7 years (inclusive) without charge.
* Child Care from 0 to 2 years (inclusive) has an additional charge.

Price in US Dollars, per person and per week * Ski Season 2016 *
Portillo Hotel
Reservas & Consultas
Octógono Lodge

The Octagon Lodge // The Inca Lodge
During these weeks Portillo offers Mini Weeks
Valid from Saturday to Wednesday (4 nights) and
from Wednesday to Saturday (3 nights)
* June 18-June 25 / June 25-July 2 /
August 27 to September 3 / September 24 to October 1 /
Prices in Dollars, per person
Reservas & Consultas
Inca Lodge

Reservas & Consultas
Season 2016

How to get?

Portillo is only 2 hours from Santiago by a wide road, uncongested and safe. If you are traveling from Santiago follow these simple directions to Portillo: From Santiago via Américo Vespucio exit of independence "Autopista Los Libertadores". Continue north via the bypass Portillo avoiding entering the City of Los Andes, which splices the International road.
Output Independence - Los Libertadores highway north taking Portillo bypass international road. Follow signs to Portillo and / or Argentina.

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