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 Travel tips for planning a visit to Easter Island Chile

The Rapa Nui National Park fee is possible to pay directly at the airport on your arrivals and them using a credit card.
Chilean Adults: CLP$ 20.000 // Chilean Children: CLP$ 10.000
Foreign Adults (any age): USD$ 80 // Foreign children: USD$ 40
The National park fee covers almost half of the island meaning you need to pay only once. Ticket is valid for 10 days but Orongo (ceremonial village) and Rano Raraku (the quarry) are limited to one visit only. Any other site you might visit several times as long as your ticket is valid. The Rapa Nui’s Museum the entrance is free. From the first stamp of control and can be inspected anywhere in the Rapa Nui National Park, so it is recommendable to carry the ticket with you always.

To preserve Easter Island’s cultural heritage, especially the Rapa Nui National Park, there are a few simple rules that must be respected at all times during the visit:
Do not touch any archaeological remains.
Do not stand on the platforms or ahus
No driving outside of the marked trails.
No camping is allowed within the National Park.
Respect all signs and markings on the sites.The breach of any of these rules is subject to heavy penalties. Park rangers carry cameras and the fines applied are quite expensive, so it is important to be aware and be careful.

When is the best time for visiting Easter Island?
Easter Island’s peak tourist season is during the southern hemisphere’s summer months between December – March. The January/February school holiday season is particularly busy and during these summer months, the temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius and humidity relatively high. The first half of February is also the month of the annual Tapati festival, a celebration of Rapa Nui culture 
April and May are usually the rainiest months in the year, with relatively low temperatures extending all the way to November. If you want to avoid both the high season prices and the chilly/wet weather, the best time to visit Easter Island is all around year
LATAM Easter Island Isla de Pascua Chile
How to get to Easter Island?
By Air
: Easter Island has one airport just outside the island’s only town – Hanga Roa.
LATAM operates daily flights from Santiago and a weekly flight to/from Tahiti in French Polynesia.
Ask us for a cheap flight to Easter Island or directly by email or WhatsApp +56 9 98791188

How many days do you need on Easter Island?
Let’s put it this way: you can see all the major Easter Island highlights in two full days of touring but it will be a rush, especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate.
I recommend spending a minimum of three full days on the island and up to five days if possible. This should leave ample time for taking it slow, having time for reflection in the most moving sites and even some time for a hike or an adventure activity such as scuba diving or horseback riding.
Registration System for Entering to Rapa Nui – Rapa Nui Entry Form
Any person who enters to the special Territory of Easter Island - Rapa Nui, must address certain requirements according to their quality of entry into the Special Territory. Law No. 21.070 of the Republic of Chile.Be aware of the documentation that you have to exhibit when controlled at the airport by the police officer.
the entry into the special territory of Easter Island – Rapa Nui. The Demographic Load Capacity of the special territory of Easter Island is in state of LATENCY, accordingly with Decree No. 1.428 of 2018, of the Home Ministry and Public Security. It is important that you know the implications of this state
After we will send you the complete the Rapa Nui Entry Form (IRN). 3 days before your entrance to Easter Island.
Rapa Nui National Park
Nearly half of Easter Island’s 160 square kilometers make up the Rapa Nui National Park so you are faced with no choice but to purchase a national park ticket ($80/adult, $40/child). Tickets can be purchased upon arrival at the airport or in downtown Hanga Roa. National Park tickets are valid for 10 days from the time they are issued and tickets are inspected at the major sites. In addition, your tickets permit a one-time entry to Orongo and Ranu Raraku (so make them meaningful).

In addition, you must adhere to the following rules in order to help to preserve the fragile archeological sites of Easter Island:

  • Do not touch any archaeological remains (this includes hugging moai statues!)
  • Do not attempt to stand on the stone platforms of the temples (ahu)
  • Do not walk or drive outside of the marked trails
  • No camping is allowed within the National Park limits
  • Do not collect any rock or sand samples
Pro Tip: the national park ticket is printed on a thin piece of paper so be sure to protect it inside a water-resistant pouch. Do not forget your ticket when changing clothes as you will be requested to purchase an additional ticket on the spot in the event of misplacement.
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