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The charter yacht "Arrecife", which belongs to Canales Patagonia company, is anchored in the bay of Puerto Montt. Daily flights between Puerto Montt and Santiago, serviced by three airlines, cover the 1,016 km distance in less than 90 minutes. El Tepual Airport at Puerto Montt is located only 16 km from the port city. Consult for more information and reservations at
3-Day Programs:
Insular Chiloé Excursion:
Day 1: Pto Montt - Calbuco - Mechuque (7 hours)
Day 2: Mechuque - Achao (2 1/2 hours)
Day 3: Achao - Quehui - Puert Montt (9 hours)

Continental Chiloé Excursion:
Day 1: Pto Montt - Calbuco - Quintupeu (6 1/2 hours)
Day 2: Quintupeu - Porcelana (2 hours)
Day 3: Porcelana - Huinai - Cahuelmo - Pto. Montt (9 hours)

4-Day Programs:
Continental & Insular Chiloé Excursion:
Day 1: Pto Montt - Mechuque (7 hours)
Day 2: Mechuque - Dalcahue - Achao (2 1/2 hours)
Day 3: Achao - Porcelana (8 hours)
Day 4: Porcelana - Huinai - Cahuelmo - Puerto Montt (9 hours)

Continental & Insular Chiloé Excursion:
Day 1: Pto Montt - Porcelana (9 hours)
Day 2: Porcelana - Vudahue - Huinai - Cahuelmo - Ayacara (7 hours)
Day 3: Ayacara - Achao (6 hours)
Day 4: Achao - Mechuque - Quemchi - Puerto Montt (9 hours)

5-Day Programs:
Insular Chiloé Excursion:
Day 1: Pto Montt - Mechuque (7 hours)
Day 2: Mechuque - Achao (2 1/2 hours)
Day 3: Achao - Castro (6 1/2 hours)
Day 4: Castro - Quehui (3 hours)
Day 5: Quehui - Pto Montt (10 1/2 hours)

Continental & Insular Chiloé Excursion:
Day 1: Pto Montt - Calbuco - Mechuque (7 hours)
Day 2: Mechuque - Porcelana (7 hours)
Day 3: Porcelana - Vududahue - Huinai (40 min)
Day 4: Huinai - Cahuelmo - Quintupeu - Manila (3 1/2 hours)
Day 5: Manila - Hornopiren - Llanacahue - Pto. Montt (8 hours)
Insular Chiloé.
The Big Island of Chiloé, 180 km long, is South America's second-largest island after Fire Island. Surrounded by groups of countless smaller islands they are separated by beautiful channels which invite sailing and navigation. Everywhere you look the land is under cultivation, offering views of bright green patchwork colors. Some channels disappear during low tide, joining islands that are near to each other, while other channels are so narrow that it's possible to shout from one island to another.
Chiloé was first seen in 1540 by Alonso de Camargo and discovered in 1553 by Francisco de Ulloa, both Spaniards. The island was occupied as part of the Spanish policy to expand towards the south initiated by Pedro de Valdivia.
Castro: Located on the archipelago's east coast, Castro is the capital city of the province of Chiloé. Famous for its palafito architecture (wooden houses built on stilts in water), its port and handicrafts market. Also home to the San Francisco Cathedral, declared a Word Heritage Site.

Achao: Its main attraction is the Santa Maria church, declared a World Heritage Site. Enjoy a stoll along its shoreline with its beach and port, where an Island Market is installed.

Quemchi: Known for its picturesque streets, wool-knitted products and handcrafted miniature boats.

Quehui and Chelín: These small isles are famous for their chapel and church. Enjoy a beautiful panoramic view from Chelín's lookout point.

Mechuque: This island is surrounded by hills, crops and forests and is famous for its main square, palafito architecture and lookout point.

Continental Chiloé.
Puelo River belongs to the large glacial valley where you will find excellent fishing grounds. Excursions to Sotomó natural thermal pools in the Reloncaví Estuary.

Llancahué, Porcelana, Cahuelmó and Quintupeu are among the most beautiful landscapes of southern Chile. Enjoy natural hot water springs grouped in outdoor pools and contemplate the mountains that border with Argentina and a rocky crag with a water cascade falling straight into the ocean in the Quintupeu fjord.

Calbuco is a city located on a hill, surrounded by ports and salmon fish farms. Visit San Miguel church and nearby Chidhuapi Island.
Meals On-Board
Design your own navigation route, together with our team, that you and your group wishes to sail. We will prepare a special menu with its respective winelist according to the type of culinary experience you would like to accomapny your journey. The food and winelist will be decided upon in a meeting about one week prior to departure. There are three different menu lists for you to choose from. The client or group will inform us of his needs and special requests so we can prepare the menu as well as the winelist and other exceptional requests.
1 Captain
1 Sailor
1 Coordinator
1 Chef
Maximum capacity: 12 passengers Meals On-Board :
There are 3 menu choices that must be predetermined before departure. Drinks On-Board:
Wine and long drinks, all-inclusive
Soft drinks and juices, all-inclusive Entrance Fees and Excursions:
Entrance fees to National Parks and Hot Springs (in case necessary)
Boat excursions (in case necessary)
All tours and excursions mentioned in the program NOT INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAMS
Transfer to airports RATES
Rates and programs are subject to change without notice.
Rates change depending on the season and the rates quoted in this webpage are defined by Canales Patagonia.
Rates are for daily occupancy and quoted in US dollars.
Please add VAT to prices quoted.
Rates quoted in US currency are tax exempt for foreigners, non-resident in Chile and paid in US dollars.

Payment: To reserve the yacht, 50% of the total cost of the program must be paid and the remaining 50% to be paid one month prior to departure.

Modifications to confirmed reservations are subject to the availablity of the yacht(s). CANCELLATION FINES
60 to 30 days before departure: 50% of the prepaid amount.
29 to 15 days before departure: 50% of the prepaid amount
14 to 0 days before departure: 100% of the prepaid amount.

Canales Patagonia reserves the right to change, modify or eliminate part of the itinerary without prior notice when deemed advisable for passenger safety and wellbeing.

Passenger insurance included.
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